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November 2, 2006

A weblog about the politics and affairs of the old and glorious City of Albany, New York, USA. Articles written and disseminated from Albany's beautiful and historic South End by Daniel Van Riper. If you wish to make a response, have anything to add or would like to make an empty threat, please contact me.

November 2 , 2006

Election Prediction: Expect Disappointment

Electronic voting machines will make a mockery of our electoral system

Republican Congressman John Sweeney beats his wife. He carouses drunkenly at college frat parties. He is so unhealthy, that he collapses in public without warning. And he associates with some of the most corrupt lobbyists in the country.

But all this is doodly squat compared to his real criminal activities. A former General Electric lobbyist, Sweeney has done everything he possibly can to stop the cleanup of the GE PCBs in the Hudson River, thus keeping the Champlain Canal closed. Time and again he has personally sabotaged rail transportation initiatives in and around the Capital District. In this way he has crippled the development of both rail and water transportation, thus doing a magnificent job of preventing economic growth in our region.

And of course he is a political pillar of the illegitimate Cheney/Bush administration. Let us not forget that he was one of the leaders of the effort to prevent votes from being counted in the corrupted 2000 presidential election.

He has enthusiastically supported every anti-American initiative by his party, from a Mideast war of conquest based on lies, to the so-called “Patriot” Act, to the propagation of torture as a policy. He has worked hard to overthrow the United States Constitution, and his hatred of the Bill of Rights is self-evident.

Frat Party
Note the pot smoker in the background on the right

Sweeney is (in my opinion) such an obnoxious pile of human feces that even the mostly registered Republican constituents in his heavily gerrymandered congressional district appear to have had enough of him. Faced with a strong, well-funded Democratic Party candidate for the first time in his embarrassing career, he is falling behind in the polls.

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand may very well receive more votes than Sweeney next Tuesday. But she will lose the election.

You see, the 20th congressional district is riddled with electronic voting machines. Most of them infect the densely populated sprawl wasteland of Clifton Park. And as we all know, Clifton Park is controlled by the Republican Party. The Party controls the electronic voting machines in Clifton Park.

And, as most everyone understands by now, these electronic voting machines are designed so any party hack can alter the number of votes cast on any machine. And since the inner workings of these machines is a closely guarded secret, no one will be able to detect the fraud. No non-Republican has won an election in Clifton Park since these fraud boxes were installed in the voting booths eight years ago.

Wife-beater Sweeney will eke out an illegitimate win that he doesn’t deserve. And all across the country, thieving, America-hating, child-molesting, racist Republicans will “win” fraudulent elections, thanks to these electronic boxes. Despite majority disapproval, Karl Rove and his Party will retain control of both houses of Congress. That’s my prediction.

But things will be a little different this time.

The fact that electronic voting machines are fraudulent is now widely understood. The Republican politicos who “win” close races will face broad skepticism, and in some cases, open defiance. It has taken over six years, but the notion that yes, the people in charge of this country have been promoting electronic election fraud has begun to take root in the national consciousness. Yes, they are doing this to us.

Fox Trot
Foxtrot copyright 2006 Bill Amend. Used without permission.

And as people wake up to this fact they will not be happy. Many people will do what I do, rant and rave and protest. Others will not be so nice. Some will feel so angry at the robbery of their right to vote that they will commit violent acts. They will look for whoever they feel is responsible and try to make them pay. Violently.

And the illegitimate Republican Party, with the consent of their Democratic Party dependents, will react to violence with more violence. Like their Chinese Communist Party comrades did in 1989, the Republicans will order troops to fire into the angry crowds. There will be Tiananmen Squares here in America.

I don’t want to think about what happens after that.

Meanwhile, here in Albany County, a number of patriotic County legislators are trying to prevent the adoption of electronic voting boxes. Representatives Tim Nichols, John Frederick and Raymond Joyce Jr. have sponsored legislation that would require polling booths to use paper ballots and optical scanners. This would effectively ban the use of these fraudulent electronic voting boxes in Albany County.

A real no-brainer with wide support. What’s the problem?

It seems that the county Majority Leader, Frank Commisso, has brought a halt to this necessary legislation by burying it in some committee. Basically, Commisso does not want these fraud boxes banned. It appears that he wants electronic fraud in the polling booths.

Earlier this year I stood before the Albany County Legislature and told the representatives that they are endangering themselves. I told them that if they installed these fraud boxes then they would be held personally responsible for taking away our right to vote. And that a lot of people will be very, very angry.

“This is your opportunity,” I said, “to put yourselves on the right side of this issue. When the time comes to assign blame, then all of you will want to say that you did what you could to retain our right to vote. If for no other reason, vote against these fraud boxes to protect yourselves.”

It must have been one of my better speeches, because several legislators came up to me afterwards to say that they liked what I said. Frank Commisso glowered at me while I spoke.

For the record, I am writing this five days before the 2006 election. I am hoping that I’m dead wrong about all this. I’m hoping that I wake up next Wednesday morning and the whole world will be a happy place. I’m hoping that our constitutional democracy is magically restored and that all politicians will suddenly acknowledge and respect the Bill of Rights.

But somehow I don’t think there will be any miracles on Wednesday morning, only electronic electoral corruption. Those of us who give a damn about America will have to think about what comes next. And we will have to do something.


The County Dilemma: The Impact of the Help America Vote Act on New York State Albany County Legislator Luci McKnight passed along to me this publication by James Clancy and John Graziano, the election commissioners of Albany County. It’s generally a good overview of the circumstances surrounding the imposition of electronic voting by the Federal government... except for one very important detail. The document claims falsely that these machines are hard to hack. In fact, it has been proven repeatedly that any idiot can - and does - falsify the vote totals on these machines. That is the real issue that we are facing. It is high time that the political establishment gets a grip on reality before it is too late for everyone.

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