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June 28, 2009


Mr. D'Antonio,

My wife and I understand that the owner of the rental property at 212 Morton Ave. put in a request last year to replace the hazardous sidewalk along side the S. Swan St. Side of his building. Without warning to the neighborhood or to our neighborhood association, the crews arrived to tear up and replace the sidewalk along 212 Morton, but they were directed to stop work at the property line. We are glad to see any sort of replacement, and we thank you for taking attention to this long standing hazard.

However, you should know that the same stretch of sidewalk in front of the property next door at 221 S. Swan St. is, and has been for more than two decades, even more decayed and hazardous than the one you are replacing, as you can see in this photo.


As the foreman and the guys on the crew all said, the final result "is going to look stupid." I would also add that not repairing this extreme hazard while the crew is present and working will increase the City being held liable for an accident, since it is obvious that the City is and has been aware of the problem in front of 221.

We realize that there is a procedure for requesting that a dangerous and hazardous sidewalk be replaced. We also understand that our alderman, Mr. Calsolaro, had put in a request for the entire sidewalk on this side of the street some four or five years ago, we assume that is still pending. [Correction: Dominick put in for a new sidewalk here every year that he has been in office.]

My wife and I are NOT asking that the sidewalk be replaced in front of our own residence at 223 S. Swan. Our sidewalk is passable, and we know full well that fixing our piece of sidewalk is politically untenable. We would be more than content to see this hazard removed for the families with children that reside at 221.

Thank you for taking time to consider this matter.

-Daniel W. Van Riper
President, Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association