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August 22, 2010


Thanks to 15th Ward Dem in the comments who passed along the website for Judge Cathryn Doyle's re-election site.

This really is odd. Judge Cathryn Doyle's re-election website did not come up on Google until this morning (Sunday.) Yes, it is possible to pay money to Google to have your website come up first, but is there a way to get Google to suppress a website? Wouldn't shock me to find out that's possible. Wonder why it suddenly appeared.

Kate Doyle's website demonstrates that she has long experience in Surrogate Court, having started as a law clerk in that court. Meanwhile, as Albany Citizen One points out, Helena Heath-Roland's experience with Surrogate Court consists of a recent four hour conversation with the current law clerk.

Until recently I've given no thought to such things as surrogate judges so I really can't give a personal evaluation of Kate Doyle as a judge. What I'm hearing is that she does her job quietly and unspectacularly. And it is clear that she has been content to serve as a Surrogate Judge. Why should we replace the steady incumbent with a proven dingaling?

Here are some photos of Judge Doyle passed along to me by Albany Observer, who only updates her website when she gets excited about an upcoming election.

Judge Cathryn Doyle


Judge Cathryn Doyle


Judge Cathryn Doyle


Judge Cathryn Doyle