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May 22, 2011


A weblog about the politics and affairs of the old and glorious City of Albany, New York, USA. Articles written and disseminated from Albany's beautiful and historic South End by Daniel Van Riper. If you wish to make a response, have anything to add or would like to make an empty threat, please contact me.

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May 22, 2011

After The Assassination

Don’t worry folks, no conspiracy theories here, just questions. Besides, our politicians never lie.

Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not. We haven’t heard from him in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized… I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.

-Former President George W. Bush, March 13, 2002

The other week the corporate media was full of images of people celebrating the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, executed in his upscale villa in an upscale neighborhood in Pakistan. A villa once owned by the Muslim peace activist Abdul Ghafar Khan, with whom Mahatma Gandhi once stayed as a guest. It turned out the guy was in plain sight the whole time.

Abbottabad Villa After The Attack
Abbottabad Villa After The Attack

I have to say that I have not personally encountered one single person who is genuinely overjoyed and relieved and celebratory over this killing. The next day I ran into a handful of people who were temporarily caught up in the media noise and repeated some of the propaganda. But once such persons were exposed to the reality around them, that TV influence vanished.

The endless corporate wars will not be terminated, our inherent rights under the US Constitution will not be magically restored and we will not begin to repair our sinking economy by outlawing corporate socialism. Not gonna happen. Osama served his purpose and now it’s time to cash in on his death.

And Albany’s own Muslim scapegoats Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain will not be released from prison due to lack of evidence. Nor will upwards of a thousand other Muslim men scapegoated as “terrorists” carefully collected from across the country. As of last week the secret police are still creating phony terrorists, although there are signs that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is starting to back away from their shameful activities.

Pakistani Soldiers In Downtown Abbattabad
Pakistani Soldiers In Downtown Abbattabad

Does anybody really believe that the US hasn’t known for at least five years that Osama bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, Pakistan? Stories abound of western aid workers and various travelers literally stumbling on bin Laden’s “secret hideout.”

And for a while US soldiers were stationed practically next door. That’s because the premier military academy, the West Point of Pakistan, is located in Abbatabad. It sure sounds like the Osama bin Laden villa and the security surrounding it was hard to miss, particularly with all these military people nearby who are trained (and training) to recognize things like this.

So why kill him now? It’s pretty self-evident that Dick Cheney and his drunken coked up boy George W. Bush had every reason to keep Osama alive as the symbolic enemy. And don’t forget one more thing. George W. and the entire aristocratic Bush family is very close to the aristocratic bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. Is it likely that Dub Yuh would have been allowed to commit an act of lese majesty, order the killing of one of his own?

No, of course not. Osama was a rich boy idiot just like Dub Yuh, both boys attractive for their cash and connections, figureheads easily manipulated by sleazy operators. Ultimately, assassinating Osama has about as much impact on our lives as would shooting George W. Bush at point blank range in front of his daughter and dumping his body into the Atlantic. Really, who cares about elite idiots who no longer serve much of a purpose?

Osama and Bush
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But Barack Obama doesn’t have any of these old boy aristocratic ties that know no borders. Apparently Obama did not wish to keep Osama as an enduring symbol any more. But what exactly is the man up to? Is the President merely trying to clean house, that is, get rid of old inherited crapola? I can’t make sense out of it right now, I guess time will tell.

We are told that Osama bin Laden is the mastermind behind Nine Eleven, the spectacular take down of THREE skyscrapers in New York City back in 2001. Or, if one reads the reports closely, it’s more like Osama was the public face of the masterminds behind Nine Eleven. But whatever. Elite aristocrats or back alley bums from the lower classes, they all each deserve a bullet or two for what they did. Right?

Well, I’ve always been puzzled by Osama bin Laden’s initial denials. It has been barely reported in the US corporate media that for weeks after Nine Eleven Osama actually sounded desperate to set the record straight. But soon he gave up, by October he was happily taking credit for the attacks.

I think that Osama, a rich twit from an elite Saudi family, was caught up in the same corporate media noise as any smug ignorant Americans who routinely let Fox or NPR do their thinking for them. I suspect that the bad boy of the bin Ladens decided he had to go along with the prevailing winds. Or maybe he was ordered by his handlers to embrace the program as it was being dictated by the world media.

I wonder how it felt to be rich boy Osama bin Laden, holed up for maybe a decade in his upscale villa in Pakistan, spending his money and waiting for the assassination squads to arrive. Born to happy privilege but become a virtual prisoner, universally blamed for what his handlers have done, waiting like a death row prisoner for the execution orders to arrive. Or did he hope his class privileges would protect him?

Apparently Osama bin Laden Slept On A Waterbed
Apparently Osama bin Laden Slept On A Waterbed

Well, that’s how it looks to me. I don’t claim to have any special information or even a halfway convincing conspiracy theory. All I have is dumb questions. And the authorities don’t seem to be floating any acceptable answers to my dumb questions, authorities whom I don’t trust in the first place.

Okay, I’ll behave myself and stop doubting. Let’s accept the official line that Osama bin Laden “masterminded” Nine Eleven, that he is not merely a deluded and easily manipulated rich boy placed in front of the gang. but the brilliant leader of a sophisticated network of sky-god fanatics who are working day and night to overthrow the United States like the communists used to do. We’ll accept the official story.

Now, I have no trouble believing that the jetliners that crashed into the first two World Trade Center towers caused them to later collapse efficiently in about ten seconds into two nice heaps. Nevermind that no plane crash into a skyscraper has ever done that anywhere else before or since. Let’s be good citizens and accept that this was an exceptional case like the Very Important Experts tell us.

That still leaves one nagging question which I’m not supposed to ask. A question no corporate media foot soldier is allowed to ask upon pain of immediate termination of “career.” A question that even otherwise patriotic Americans who believe in the liberal truths upon which our country is founded shy away from and are scared to ask.

How did Osama bin Laden cause Building Seven to collapse?

Building Seven Shortly After The Collapse
Building Seven Shortly After The Collapse

Remember Building Seven? No? Late afternoon on September 11, 2001, a relatively small, anonymous skyscraper called Building Seven suddenly and without warning collapsed into a nice, neat heap in less than ten seconds. No jet planes smashed into it, not that I’ve heard. In fact, none of the authorities involved with Nine Eleven has yet to float any kind of a plausible cause for this amazing event.

Somehow the omniscient al-Qaida organization picked one skyscraper out of a sea of skyscrapers that happened to contain the NYC Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management. What a well-planned operation! How the hell did they know that?

Oh, by the way, Building Seven also contained the regional office of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.) This according to the New York Times. Later it came out that the regional offices of the US Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission used the building. I don’t know about you, but that scares me. A lot. This was not generally known until after Nine Eleven. How did these Muslim Terrorists know that?

Vibrations. That’s the official story. Vibrations from the planes hitting the two big towers some six or seven hours earlier caused Building Seven to drop so nicely into a heap. These amazing vibrations bypassed several other buildings and went dormant for the rest of the day, only in late afternoon becoming active at this one spot. That’s what Wikipedia says. Hey, I’m willing to believe.

No no no, I’m not going to be A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist. No siree bob, not me. I’ll say it again. I have no explanations. Neither do you. That’s because we don’t have enough reliable facts about any of it. All we can do is ask obvious questions.

Cheney and Bush

After all, why would the authorities lie? Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and of course Dub Yuh himself are elite white men who would never have lied to us unless they had good reason to. Why would anyone not trust that crew? Of course their intentions were patriotic. How could anyone accuse such clever boys of not wanting to tell the truth and do what’s best?

So having firmly established that the Cheney Bush administration would never have engaged in overly clever shameless duplicity, there can only be one logical explanation for the collapse of Building Seven. Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaida handlers were in possession of a terrifying secret weapon that makes skyscrapers instantly collapse without the assistance of jets planes. Right?

Such a mighty technology seems like a psychic power. This begs the question, why use the planes at all if Building Seven could be dropped remotely? And while we’re at it, why didn’t Osama bin Laden use this amazing psychic technology again, like when the assassins were breaking down his door?

Given these assumptions, we must conclude that our government has floated the ridiculous Vibrations Explanation not because they want to lie to us, but because they did not want to advertise Osama bin Laden’s amazing powers, which in turn would encourage more sky god fanatics to join Al Qaida. They are trying to protect us, you see.

If that theory sounds like a lot of silly nonsense to you, then tell me how making the assumption that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney wouldn’t lie shamelessly to the American People about all of this is any less silly and delusional. Enough said.

Original Unaltered Famous Photo
Mr. Big And His Staff Watch The Assassination

Looking over a timeline of events, it becomes clear that the Cheney Bush administration had no interest in hunting down Osama bin Laden. Meanwhile Osama was used by the US corporate media as an intense propaganda tool. One can’t help but conclude that Dub Yuh and his handlers wanted Osama kept alive for the propaganda value.

But Barack Obama must have decided that Osama is more valuable dead. Our current president is a whole hell of a lot smarter than Dub Yuh and all of his handlers combined, but I am beginning to think that he is at least as as immoral and self destructive as they are. I have not been hearing old lies set straight, I am not seeing the foundations of our democracy being restored.

Project Salam has identified more than 600 Muslim men nationwide who have been accused of “terrorism” without evidence, many of whom are languishing in high security solitary confinement prisons that are considered extreme for serial killers. That includes our own Yassin Aref, former Imam of Masjid As-Salam mosque on Central Avenue, who was targeted by the secret police and perjured into prison with “secret evidence” that probably doesn’t exist.

So now we can review the extraordinary extralegal failures that have destroyed these men’s lives. There’s no reason to continue the fiction that they’re “terrorists.” Now we can go after America’s real enemies and leave these poor slobs alone. Aref and Hossain can come home to their families. Right?

Albany's Yassin Aref And Mohammed Hossain
Albany's Yassin Aref And Mohammed Hossain

As I’ve explained before, Barack Obama needs these men as scapegoats to justify his endless wars in central Asia. The only purpose of these wars is to transfer US tax dollars into the dirty pockets of munitions corporations and corporate mercenaries. I think it very likely that these corporations will continue to demand that their profits continue indefinitely.

Thus the wars will not end and our Muslim scapegoats will not be exonerated. Nor will they be given fair trials with evidence presented in the open courtroom. And because we are continuing to fall for the old “we’re always at war so we’re always having an emergency” trick we can forget about repealing the so-called “Patriot” Act or the Military Commissions Act which grants dictatorial powers to the president. But only in an emergency, of course.

But I can’t stop wondering. How did Osama bin Laden make Building Seven fall down like that?


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Posted by:Dan Weaver
Posted on:05/23/2011
I don't care too much about why Building 7 collapsed, but the assault on civil liberties, the militarization of our police, torture, rendition, assasination programs, illegal surveillance, two unnecessary wars, the killing of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, and a recession fueled by a trillion dollar war is the legacy not of Osama bin Laden but our exxagerated response to 9/11.

We also should have brought Osama to justice, giving his victims a voice in the courtroom and avoiding the retaliation that has already started due to his "martydom."

Posted by:Barbara
Posted on:05/23/2011
Interesting questions. I have a theory that our President was pushed to the wall or felt that way by the corporate media allowing Donald Trump to hound him on the birth certificate thing. Kind of like, "See? I am the elected President, I only go along if I feel like it". Anyway, as you say, they didn't really need bin Laden anymore. We had no trouble going into Libya. Nobody puts up opposition to endless war, parents hand over their babies to be fondled by government thugs, etc. Everybody falls into line.
Speaking of TSA, how come nobody questions so much taxpayer money spent to "protect" the few people with the price of an airline ticket? People are much more unsafe trying to cross the street, for instance, and I personally think we could use the money better for beat cops patrolling the streets in high crime neighborhoods, keeping everybody safer, not just the relatively small number of Americans who fly.

Posted by:Roger Green
Posted on:05/28/2011
I remember quite well the collapse of Building 7. I remember being very surprised, but figured it had to do with the instability of plaza after the collapse of the twin towers.

I'm happy for you that you weren't been around people who was "genuinely overjoyed and relieved and celebratory over this killing." That is NOT what I experienced.

Posted by:gh
Posted on:05/28/2011
In six years, when today's children ask us why we didn't get out of Afghanistan the moment we got Osama bin Laden, what are we going to tell them?

Posted by:Maria
Posted on:09/24/2012
Hahaha hypocrites. The redertad american public keeps buying chinese "support the troops" magnets and thanking the veterans who killed innocent people in wars they ended up losing such as the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only US veteran I could imagine thanking are the ones who fought in WWII. I hope these other ones die.

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