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July 21, 2012


This comment to the June 30, 2011 article about Lincoln Park Pool was posted one year later on July 10, 2012. The commenter is clearly not a high school kid as he or she claims. I mean, would a kid in high school use a phrase like "risk every patron's safety" or that the lifeguards "are already working the legal limit?" Or would a kid sarcastically tell me to go talk to the mayor? And what teenager do you know that worries about taxes?

And I'm absolutely delighted with "Long pants and bags are not allowed in the park, because really, does anyone really want to witness a shooting in a pool?" That's a suburbanite talking. Add to that the insults that are a little too personal, implying (not saying it directly like a kid would) that I'm a creep and ignorant. You can feel this person's impotent rage by the end of the flame.

But the snarly City official who wrote this comment made a special point of advertising the fact that now the lifeguards are recruited mainly from the Albany public schools, and that there are now swim learning programs in place. All this is new.

As for the Rangers, I hadn't noticed them but looking back at old photos that I had snapped I guess they were around last year. Again, as of this writing I have little knowledge of the program. Still, whatever the purpose of this new (to our neighborhood, at least) Ranger program, it shows a level of commitment to the Lincoln Park Pool which has been sadly lacking these past twenty years or so.


Posted by:A Lincoln Lifeguard
Posted on:07/10/2012
I would just like to explain some reasoning for why things happen at Lincoln Park Pool the way they do. First off, I am a student at albany high school, and I do in fact live in the middle of the city, as well as almost every other lifeguard at the pool. Suburban kids are only allowed to get the job if we have spot that need to be filled. Second, we cannot open earlier than when school ends because the lifeguards are in school, the same school that a few of the park rangers work at. It is essential we wait a few days after school closes before we open because all the lifeguards need to be trained so we can properly guard the pool. But if you'd rather the pool open three days earlier and risk every patron's safety, be my goes to speak to the mayor about that. Also on that note, the pool is open nearly seven hours a day, including sundays, which is certainly enough for people to enjoy. If you want more swim time, you will have to put your precious tax dollars towards hiring a entire set of lifeguards, as we are already working the legal limit. Lincoln Park Pool is home to the wonderful learn to swim program, where kids are welcome to come learn to swim. It is also home to the new running club, which teaches kids how to run, stay active, and be healthy, all while having fun. My last comment is to say the rangers are wonderful people who just like the lifeguards, are here for everyone's safety. Long pants and bags are not allowed in the park, because really, does anyone really want to witness a shooting in a pool? In my experience, the rangers very kindly tell people they must change because of this, and sometimes shorts are available to those who did not bring any. Lastly, anyone should be able to understand why a stranger shouldn't be allowed to take pictures of the lifeguards and swimmers without clearly displaying what the intent was. Would you like to be put on the internet half naked without your permission? We deal with many creepy people like this already, the rangers are simply keeping an eye out for everyone. Perhaps if you were more welcome to their explanation and not so quick to accuse them of taking away your rights, you cold've explained your mission and they would be more receptive to this idea. I hope you consider what i've said and ask around before making assumptions about things you don't understand at first.